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Pat Bodily does the Club and County Proud, well done Pat

By Mark Courtney Northampton Whyte Melville Bowling Club

Sunday, 11 August 2019


Whyte Melville Lawn Bowls Club Northampton Contributor


Extract from John Church's report issues 11 August 2019

1) Pat Bodily, Kingsthorpe BC beat Harriet Stevens, Kings BC, Devon 21-13 shots.

This match was a repeat of the match between the two in the first round of the 4 wood singles in 2016, in which Pat was successful, and once again she overcame her England International opponent, by playing some excellent bowls.

After picking up a double on the first end, Pat dropped a maximum count of 4 shots on the next, but that did not seem to bother her for she won the next 4 ends to take the lead 8-4, and after dropping a 3 on the 7th end of play she picked up 2 singles to stay ahead at 10-7. As one might expect from an International player, Harriet immediately fought back in winning the next 3 ends and going in front 12-10 shots, but Pat’s response was superb when she won 6 successive ends, albeit mostly in singles, to see the finishing post at 19-12 up, and after dropping a single, she won the match with a 2 on the 20th end of play.

2) 2nd Round- played at 12 noon.

Pat Bodily, Kingsthorpe BC lost to Lorraine Kuhler, Worthing Pavilion BC, Sussex 10-21 shots.

Such is the luck of the draw that Pat had to face yet another England International. Lorraine has been a regular player for England since 2008, so a tough match for Pat was expected. She started well in winning the first 2 ends with 3 shots, but Lorraine struck back at once and after 5 ends of play the scores were level at 4 each, and over the next 6 ends there was little to choose between them with Lorraine just 1 shot up at 8-7. Her lead became 13-7 after 14 ends, but Pat stemmed the tide and broke back to just 3 shots adrift at 10-13, but from that point on it was all Lorraine, who lived up to her International status with a terrific run of 6 winning ends, in which she scored the 8 shots she needed for victory.

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