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Competition Winner(s) Runners Up

Womens - 4 wood singles

Pat Bodily

Victoria Stevenson

Womens - Handicap singles

Pat Bodily

Wen Hill

Womens - Drawn Pairs

Pat Bodily & Kathleen Moore

Victoria Stevenson & Pat Iliffe

Mens - 4 Wood Singles

Trevor Spear

Nev Bodily

Mens - Handicap singles

Trevor Spear

Ray Ager

Mens - Drawn Pairs

Trevor Spear & Tony Hilliard

Jack Parker & Nigel Pinder

Mixed - Open 2 wood singles

Sean Rowlands

Nev Bodily

Steve Munton Trophy

Ian Dixon

Tony Adams

Challenge Cup

Ray Ager

Rob Pentlow

Australian Pairs

Pat Bodily and Rob Pentelow

David Iliffe and Wen Hill

Mixed - Pairs

Pat & Nev Bodily

Janet Cousner & Mark Courtney

Drawn - Triples

Janet Cousner, Peter Collins, Frank Craven

Wen Hill, Richard Hughes, Tony Adams

Roger Memorial Trophy

Sean Rowlands and Peter York