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BoltBowls to return to Northampton Whyte Melville

By Mark Courtney - BTL Northampton Whyte Melville Bowling Club

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Whyte Melville Lawn Bowls Club Northampton Contributor


I am pleased to annouce "Bowls is Bowls" has arranged for David Bolt to return to Northampton Whyte Melville on Tuesday 10 September 2019 from 2pm to 4pm to be our "Guest Club Coach" for the afternoon to support our usual coaches with an afternoon of BoltBowls.

We will also make this an open day and ask Janet Cousner to promote and advertise this exciting opportunity for non-bowlers of any ability in the area to come along and try Bowls for Free as part of hopefully a Bowls Development Alliance "BDA" campaign to meet Bolty

So we support the excellent work Rachel Clements does with Sport4Fitness we will invite Rachel and Sport4Fitness to come along and have a go at Bowls either on the outdoor Green OR inside on our short mat assuming "Bobb the builder" has finished.

We will also invite Ian Litchfield the "Bowls is Bowls" Disability Bowls ambassador along to talk about his Bowls Jounery and demonstrate his multi use/ purpose "Tiny Carpet".

It was great to see the Mayor of Northampton at the recent Sport4Fitness Sunday Disabily Sports fun day and as he showed an interest in Bowls we willl invite him along for some one to one coaching from Bolty.

Mark Courtney

Chief Executive of Boul Traders Limited

PS more activites are being planed, watch this website.

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