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29 Jun 19 - Manfield Cup Rumour circulating that President Trevor played in the last Whyte Melville winning team *** Whyte Melville announced as PROVISIONAL winners ***

By Mark Courtney Northampton Whyte Melville Bowling Club

Tuesday, 2 July 2019


Whyte Melville Lawn Bowls Club Northampton Contributor


Today the club joined most of the other clubs in the county and played in the Manfield Cup. This county wide competition started in 1906 with a trophy called the "Challenge Cup" (1) being presented to the County Bowls Association by James Manfield JP Mayor of Northampton & Harry Manfield MP.

Northampton Whyte Melville joined the competition when the Club formed in 1909 and has won the competition only once in 1926. It would be a special achievement if we won this year after so many years of entering..There have been some rumours circulating that President Trevor played in the last Manfield Cup win for the club in 1926. President Trevor was able to squash this rumour by noting he was playing for another club Whitworth Road before joining White Melville.

Each club enters 4 rinks who are them entered into a draw to play another club on one of circa 15 greens across the county. The aim is to have as many winning rinks as possible with the largest shot difference.

Whyte Melville was also pleased to offer the clubs green and facilities for the county to use with Neville, Ray, Dave, Ian and Bob working to ensure the smooth running of the Manfield Cup games on our green, thank you for giving up your time to help run this competition.

The club had a successful day with all 4 rinks winning. President Trevor's rink won by 7, Tony's rink won by 13, Sean's rink won by 3 and Mark's rink won by 2. This gives a total shots difference of +25. "Well done to all the players involved yesterday you did your Club proud" on behalf of President Trevor and all of the Committee

We now need to wait for the results to be collated and validated to see where we finish. ***** UPDATE TO FOLLOW WHEN AVAILABLE *****

(1) the same trophy is in use today and is what is being played for.

**** 30 June 2019 - Provisional Results sourced from John Church Northamptonshire Bowls Report ****

Although the many scorecards still have to be examined for verification, the provisional result is that

- Northampton Whyte Melville BC had 4 winning rinks, and was the only Club this year that did, and they had a +25 shots aggregate, and are therefore the winners, subject to confirmation.

- Desborough Town BC had 3 winning rinks and 1 that drew, with a +49 shots aggregate, and are therefore in 2nd place.

- Burton Latimer Town BC & Wellingborough BC share 3rd place, with each having 3 winning rinks and 1 losing, with a shots aggregate of +35 shots.

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