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Whyte Melville Lawn Bowls Club Northampton

Competitive teams

Top Club -  vs Kingsthorpe Home Thursday 24th May start 6.15pm

"2 wood" Neville Bodily "Singles"  Rick Singleton "Pairs" Jack Parker, Gordon Milner "Triples" Ray Ager, Sean Rowlands, Mark Courtney "Fours" Graham Roe, David Iliffe, Ray Hill, Trevor Spear

County League - Sunday 27 May - home vs BBOB start 10.30am

Rob Pentlow, Helen Milner, Ray Hill, Pat Bodily

Graham Roe, Gillian Combes, Rick Singleton, Mark Courtney

Lesley Singleton, Dave Evans, Gordon Milner, Sean Rowlands


Manfield Cup - TBA


****  GAMES PLAYED   ****

Wednesday 16 May - 2 fours away vs Heyford start circa 6.15pm

Rink 1   Frank Craven, Jack Parker, Trevor Spear, Sean Rowlands

Rink 2   Neville Bodily, Rick Singleton, Gordon Milner, Mark Courtney

A good game, on a cold evening where we lost on both rinks with the overall score 34-48